Facebook: Networks

by Wren McMains

Since the purpose of Facebook is social networking, I assumed "Networks" were important and you should join some ... you might want to reconsider.

The primary purpose as far as I can determine is to allow people to see all your profile data without being your friend ... for networks with restricted access this is probably a great feature, but if you join a regional network (which is the first network most join) do you really want everyone in New York City, or wherever you live, to be able to see your personal info?

You can mess around in settings changing protections after you join each network (click for ), but once you restrict access there doesn't seem to be any reason to join in the first place.

My advice: don't change your settings as I originally advised; pick your networks carefully ... only join a network where you want everyone to be able to see your profile information.

Please call or e-mail if you've found uses for Networks that I've missed. I've probably missed something very basic.

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