Facebook: Groups

by Wren McMains

Groups have the potential to be useful, but have yet to find any I actually use actively.

The advantage of groups is that members can post pictures, join in discussions, etc. However, in my view there are two shortcomings:

  1. It's hard to find groups that might interest you, I think there are 500 groups with the name "Photography" and there aren't even ways to sort them.
  2. Groups hosted by Google and Yahoo offer all the same features, have much wider followings because you don't have to join Facebook. and offer much better search capabilities.

You can created a "Closed" group which seems to have a reasonable balance between letting people view some things, but requiring approval for membership to post and see everything.

Please call or e-mail if you've found Groups useful in ways I've missed, or a group you've found particularly useful. Would love to add your tips.

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