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by Wren McMains

Pages are basically Facebook accounts created by public figures, businesses, etc. to share information. Not much different than subscribing to an e-mail newsletter.

To add them to your newsfeed, instead of making them a "Friend" you become a "Fan" (which you to with one click on "Become a Fan".

I've gotten so I totally ignore a lot of the e-mail newsletters I receive, but so far am willing to look at a few line summary of the Facebook postings of the Pages I follow (and click if I want to read more). I've found some to be obnoxious ... they post far too much. If you still have some interest, "Hide" them (as you would a casual friend who posts too much). Removing them altogether is harder than become a "Fan". Click on the name of the organization to go to their "Page", then go to the bottom of the left-hand column where you'll find:

Screen Shot

Please call or e-mail if you've found Pages useful in ways I've missed, would love to add your tips.

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