Facebook: Why did I join?

by Wren McMains

After a more than a year of refusing invitations to join Facebook, I succumb. I have a real dislike for anything that wants you to join before you can see what it's like. I still feel the same, but I had to join to see how it worked.

Recently my wife started using Facebook, but kept complaining that nothing worked right ... she could get to people's walls when they were confirmed as friends, but never again ... and that was just one of her problems.

Finally tried her account from my laptop and that seemed to work ... but I couldn't understand the different views and why things that I knew I seen on her Facebook page would later disappear ... finally decided I would join just we could see what her world looked like to a friend.

Some parts of Facebook work pretty well, other parts could use a lot of improvement. (However, I've heard from long-time users that every time they try to "improve" it, it gets worse. Must be something to what they say since there are over a million people in "Bring back the old Facebook" groups.)

Bottom Line:  It's an easy way to keep in better touch with lots of people at once. I'm going to keep using it.

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